Singha Park in Chiang Rai, known as Boon Rawd Farm is a big adventure park in nature’s lap. It is built in 2012 by Singha Corporation Co., Ltd.Near Mae Kon, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Thailand. 

The Park is famous for its agricultural cultivation, various zones, fun activities, wildlife, food and drinks, and events organized here. An excellent place for an adventurous day out with family.

Located: Around 12 km away from Chiang Rai.

Entrance Fee: Free 

Opening Hours: From 9 am- 5 PM

Singha Park MAP


About Singha Park in Chiang Rai:

Travel around the Park: By bicycle available for 100 BAHT/ INR 230. Hop into Tramp’s costs around 100 BAHT/ INR 230 FOR ADULT and 50 BAHT/ INR 110 FOR CHILDREN.

At the Park, entrance is a giant golden lion statue. It symbolizes power, strength, and courage. The enormous Park has a relatively peaceful and comforting environment. In conclusion, there are various activities to enjoy while strolling through the Park, such as:



  • Balloon festivals– Hot air balloon festivals that hold every two months. Enjoy these beautiful color ballons wavering in the air.
  • Farm festivals– Various farming plantation, cultivation processes and  experience some farming activities.
  • Sports and bicycle events– Various competitions and races held for the enjoyment of tourists.
  • Music Concerts– Local popular thai bands and artist performs in various events that hold throughout the year.  

Various Activities- 


  • Enjoy a picnic on lawns
  • Visit the barley, fruit, and tea farms and learn the plantation and cultivation process.
  • Strolling on a bicycle or open tramps to enjoy the scenic views
  • Feed the Giraffes, zebra and take a ride with baby horses.
  • Climb up to rocks, make an adventurous trip around the Park costs up to 150 BAHT/ INR 350 per person 
  • Sling off the tower in Hot- air Ballons costs 800 BAHT/INR 1900 per person.

Various Zones-


  • Cosmas Field&Swan Lake- Enjoy the beautiful vibrant, colorful farms with flowers and a lake around. 
  • Sunn Hemp and Heart-Shaped Tree- Wander around and get amazed by the heart-shaped trees with amazing views.
  • Zipline Platform- Pefrom adventurous activity by sweeping down on a sling.
  • Barn House Pizzeria(Zipline Tower)- Full your tummy with the delicious pizza from this cafe. There are various other cafes and restaurants available in the Park. 
  • Fruit&Vegetable Garden- Most favorite activity is to enjoy in these gardens. Learn farming in person.
  • Animal Attraction- Visit the Animal Zoo, which houses cows, zebras, horses, and giraffes. Feed them and click a picture with these harmless animals
  • Sports&Recreation Centre- There is a shop that rents bicycles and sells other souvenir products.
  • Bhu Bhirom Restaurant- The restaurant offers delicious thai and western food at reasonable prices.



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