Thailand Cabinet approves long-term tourist visas

Mandatory 15 Quarantine, 90-day STV, 90-day Extendable Visa
Travelers who meet all requirements for the STV must expect to stay in Thailand for a long period.
follow Thai Public Health measures of undergoing state quarantine or alternative state quarantine for 14 Night / 15 Days
The first visit will allow 90 days of stay, which can be extended twice, totaling nine months.
first time long stay tourist visa after local down in the country

Maximum Stay : 270 days / 9 Months

hopefully, it starts from mid-October; Each visa will cost 2,000 baht
Tourism is the worst effect sector due to coronavirus; Government aim to reopen tourism and allow foreign visitors to visit the country, visitors who agreed to quarantine in SQ(State Quarantine) or ASQ(Alternative State Quarantine) for 14 days will be allowed

  • Long-term tourist visas approved.
  • Long-stay tourism.
  • Council downplays the impact of planned special visas.