Best Things to buy in Male

Male Island is a densely populated area in the Maldives. It has beautiful mosques and sites to visit. While visiting these fantastic locations, one always look for items to shop for. Shopping from places abroad serves as a memory for a tourist. There are many markets in Male such as Majeedhee Magu, Local market, malls […]

Where to stay in Male?

Male city is a beautiful tourist place in the Maldives, aka the capital of the Island. The densely populated area is famous for its Islamic mosques and colourful, vibrant buildings. The natural paradise is a perfect gateway location for tourist. One can visit Male for one day and enjoy the stay at some beautiful location […]

Top 7 places to visit in Male

Male Island is a small yet densely populated island in the Maldives. The island is the capital of the National island Maldives. It has a beautiful and calm surrounding with excellent locations. One can go sightseeing, Visit mosques and vibrant, colourful buildings on the island. Spend a day visiting the different worth looking places on […]