Where to stay in Minicoy island?

Minicoy island in Lakshadweep has places to visit as well to enjoy. The beauty is not so explored by tourists yet. Still, the stunning island is one of the best islands to visit in Lakshadweep, close to the Maldives. The island offers less yet excellent accommodation facilities for its guests. There are three accommodation Places […]

Top places to visit in Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island, aka maliku, is one of the 30 islands present in Lakshadweep Island. The beautiful island is in the shape of a crescent has a picturesque view. It is just 70 km approx away from Maldives island as well. Due to this, its culture and food are influenced by the Maldives style. The island […]

What is the right time to visit Minicoy Island?

Minicoy Island, aka Maliku, is a fascinating place in Lakshadweep. It is at the northern end of Maldives island. One of the largest islands in India, it has a tropical climate. The southernmost island in Lakshadweep. Due to this, the weather remains almost the same throughout the year. The right time to visit Minicoy Island […]