Ipoh is a small town in Perak, Malaysia, and it is an emerging popular tourist place, with one of the reasons being the stunning street art of Ipoh. The city has a beautiful atmosphere with friendly residents residing there, and you can indeed interact with them. Street art was first made by a famous artist of that time Ernest Zacharevic in 2014, after painting a series of mural paintings in Penang.

Ipoh old and new town street art:

The Ipoh street art is present in Ipoh old town and new town. However, the original work of Ernest Zacharevic can be found in Ipoh OLd town, market lane.  The contemporary town art is called mural arts lane located between Jalan Sultan Iskandar and Jalan Masjid, filled with dozens of mural paintings representing the environment around us.


A lady with a sitar, all engrossed in her music. The painting was made in 2018, as written near it.


A boy with lantern depicting the early rural culture with night star scenery behind him, With continuation is the large whale fish with small fishes in the water.


Large fish are trying to eat the small fishes around him.


It’s all a familiar environment with the children’s playing around with the animals, enjoying the fun activities.


Baby elephant and mother elephant comforting each other in this beautiful colorful art of different designs. A must-click picture with.


This is the painting of the legendary Malaysian sports player- Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David. Although, due to the harsh conditions, the images have got erupted but still worth visiting.


Welcome to the zoo- A monkey being a tea seller, while the cat escaping from a house reminds the scenarios of  just like old hometown days.


This painting brings nostalgia, old childhood days without worry sleeping in grandma’s lap. While the girl is playing with her dupatta while grandma does the household chores.


Eagle catch chicken- children playing this famous game depicted in the art with such realistic emotions.


A little different painting, the realistic creating of windows in busy city life.

Many other mural art creations in Ipoh are worth visiting. Click pictures and try to guess the story behind it while strolling in the beautiful city’s lanes with several mysteries.