Sriracha Tiger zoo started in 1994, is the biggest Asian zoo of tigers, located near Sri Racha, a seaside city on the outskirts of Pattaya. Explore the most significant zoo home to 300 Panthera Tigers and nearly 100,000 species of crocodiles, elephants, camels, spotted deers, donkeys, rabbits, and other animals. It is a fantastic experience. The zoo was expanding and developed to cope up with the modern aspects of other international zoos. The zoo not only educates society but also entertains its visitors.


Entry Fee: Adult- 450 BAHT/INR1000

Children-250 BAHT/ INR600 

The zoo also offers a restaurant with a set menu and Buffet. Also have Crocodile leather shop, and shuttle bus for transportation service to its visitors.

 Various activities to enjoy :

  • CROCODILE EGG HATCHING-In May and August, the information center provides a fantastic experience of hatching the crocodile egg and becoming a baby crocodile parent.


  • ELEPHANT SHOW– Starts from 11:40 am; the elephant show is performed and acts by cute elephants, attracting tourists with stunts and strongness.


  • Crocodile Feeding and show –  One can experience feeding some crocodiles among the 100 in the zoo with all safety and precautions. The zoo hosts a crocodile show where the crocodiles perform various types of stunts and interactions with the tourist.


  • TIGER FEEDING- One can also enjoy and have a thrill feeding the dangerous Bengal tigers. Take photographs with them and show them off on social media.
  • Scorpion Queen- A lady with 100 scorpions over herself sits at a corner; it is an exciting experience to see someone like that.
  • KOI FEEDING- Koi carp are types of fishes which you can feed in the zoo through the fish bottles food available at the premises. It is great fun as the fishes jump in the water to grab their bite.


  • FEED THE BABY TIGERS- The most exciting activity is to feed the baby tigers in your lap without any harm. The baby tigers’ cuteness attracts the visitors the most, as the cubes are tiny, around 1-3 months old.
  • ELEPHANT RIDES- After enjoying the show, one can also ride through the park on the interact with the dangerous species closely