Agra is known for the Taj Mahal. However, there are a lot of unraveling places in the city. These beautiful Hidden gems of Agra are a must to visit. Below mention is a few of them :

1.Cafe & bars:

Agra is becoming a hub of many cafes and bars. Many newly opened Cafe in different areas of the city offers a wide variety of Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, Italian cuisines with a great rooftop view. These cafes are additional on the best street food provided in the city.

The cafes located at Fatehabad start from luxury cafes like the unplugged courtyard, lords of drink, the palm Burj, beep uncensored, etc. Also has in  Sanjay places like the mud cafe kiskey whiskey,chainess,bercos, and Agra’s only pub Folks. We were strolling deep into the city, restaurants like momos corner, kings, dzzurt, etc. Located in Kamla Nagar market is a hidden gem of Agra.


There are a lot of churches in Agra that are surreal and beautiful to visit. All these churches add up to the beauty of this heritage city. Visiting a church in December around Christmas filled with joy and colorful decoration is a moment to enjoy. The oldest Akbar church near wazipura road, st. Mary’s church at Pratap Pura road, st. Pauls’s church at civil lines road ar the top three churches in Agra, boasting about the catholic culture where Sunday masses are a ritual followed in every church. All these churches are open on Sunday for the visitors.

3.Kalakriti dance show:

Kalakriti Cultural and convention center organizes various cultural folk and dance performances. The most famous show is named Mohabahat e taj. It is a story about shah Jahan and Mumtaz presented by artists dressed up. The artist belongs to the group called Sanskrit natayshala. It Depicts The history of the Taj Mahal through these shows and dances in various ways.  The first show starts from 6:30 pm onwards, with ticket price starting from Rs.2700.


Besides enjoying street shopping, Agra has Malls that are great for shopping. Also, organize other fun activities to appreciate most in the evening for visitors.

Ashok Cosmos mall in Sanjay place is one of the favorite places for youngsters to visit in the evening. It also has various shopping brands, dining options, and fair concerts in the evening, attracting the most crowd.

TDI mall at Fatehabad road is the oldest mall in Agra, with many shops inside. There is a lot of  Dining option like chocolate room, MC Donald’s, which has a drive-thru option and rides outside for children.

Omaxe mall near Khandari is another mall with a cinema complex, shopping complex, and gift shop.


The three famous museums are the Taj museum, the imperial wax museum, and the bharma kumari spiritual museum. They depict more about the city’s local culture and heritage.

The imperial wax museum at Fatehabad road is famous for Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson wax statues. All these status looks like a natural person as they have fie detailing.

The taj museum near tajganj is the oldest in Agra. It opened nearly 400 years ago, exhibits the educational history of taj mahal, Mughal emperors, manuscripts, and marble products.

Another not-so-famous is Bharma Kumar spiritual museum near taj ganj. It is the most significant spiritual organization that conducts workshops, cultural programs, exhibitions, and guided tours. The museum is in a large pearl shape.