Dubai, aka gold city, is a desert city. It has lovely places for sightseeing, shopping and dines out. However, the city has almost the same temperature throughout the year. The weather experiences a hot season or dry season with bare winters. Hence, the right time to visit Dubai is in the winter season, i.e., from Nov to March. Still, the city welcomes tourists all around the year. Below mentioned are the weather experience by Dubai:

1. Summer (April – October)

The temperature in the summer season varies from the lowest 26 degrees to 48 degrees at max. April may experience less heat than Jun to Aug. The weather starts cooling down in Sep to Oct as compared to other months in summer. It is scorching with humidity at its peak in these months. Due to the scorching heat, tourists less prefer this season for visiting Dubai. The hottest month is June to Aug. These months don’t become a hindrance as most Dubai attractions are indoors with air conditioning. Hence, if you plan for a budget-friendly trip, it is the perfect time for you. Not only accommodation but travel charges are also less in this season.

One can enjoy Dubai nightlife, desert safari& shop at the best markets of Dubai in these months. Experience Dubai’s Eid ul Fitr festival in May. Dubai also celebrated its summer festival for around ten days with a theme. To escape the heat, visit the beachside for a cooling effect.


  • April: Enjoy at WOW JBR, Global Village, or attend Middle East Film and Comic Con events.
  • June: Visit attractions like Green Planet, Ski Dubai, and theme parks or indulge in an Opera house with classical museums.
  • September: Watch shows like La Perle Dragone and concerts. Experience the wonderful Saudi National Day with fireworks and lights.
  • October: Witness traditional events like camel riding& Halloween festivities.

It is advisable to carry light clothes and keep yourself hydrated in this season to enjoy your vacation.

2. Winter (November-March) 

The temperature in the Winter season varies from the lowest 17 degrees to 30 degrees max. The days in Dubai are comparatively dry, with evenings being chilly. The weather in these months becomes pleasant and quite comfortable to roam around the city. Explore Dubai at its best in this season. However, this season is a peak season because of which the accommodation and travel charges are high. It is the right time to visit Dubai.

One can enjoy Dubai’s live concerts, events, festivals, cruises & sightseeing places in a chilly atmosphere.



  • November: Visit international events like Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design. One can also tour around Ferrari World and Yas Water World.
  • December: It is an entire jam-packed season with a lot happening. Enjoy UAE National Day, Dubai International Film Festival, and the Rugby Sevens tournament. Also, experience Christmas and new year festivities in December.
  • January: The best season to indulge in adventure activities like sky diving, zip line & hot air balloons. At the same time, enjoying live cultural events like Cirque du Soleil and Quoz Arts Festival.
  • February: With sunny days, ride on a desert safari, dune bashing, camel riding & dhow cruise.
  • March: The right time to enjoy water activities like jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, or paddleboarding. Dubai also hosts cultural festivals like the Sikka Art Fair and the Annual Festival of Literature.

It is advisable to make a booking while visiting Dubai this season since it is the peak season with the most crowd.