The city is known as one of the most beautiful places, Chiang Mai in Thailand, with significant tourist visitors worldwide. It is the biggest city with a wide variety of food, landscape, monuments, and weather. One can visit the city any time, but the ideal time to visit this gorgeous city is between October to April. However, you can consider going in other months to enjoy the various festivals and cheap accommodation charges in low seasons.

1)Winter (November to February)

The weather in November rises from the lowest 15-degree Celsius to the highest 34-degree Celsius in February in this season. Chiang Mai mountains and national parks experience the lowest 3-degree Celsius in winters. It is a fantastic and pleasant atmosphere making it a peak season due to which hotel and traveling expenses increase with the highest crowd. The weather in the day is warm and cool at night with a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.


The activities likeĀ Lantern festival in mid-November, flower festival are a three-day affair celebrated in February. It is advisable to carry long coats, jackets, and other woolen clothes along with you while walking down the streets in this weather during this time.

2)Summer (March to May)

It is the hottest season with the lowest temperature of 20-degree Celsius, which rises to 37-degree Celsius. The season is a high season with a minimalistic crowd still hovering around the city. Though you can get low traveling and hotel prices. In this season, the farmers’ protest by burning their farms is due to which the air quality is deficient in these months.


Although it is still hot outside, the activities you can enjoy in this season areĀ Songkran, the thai new year, and a three-day affair with many fun activities and fairs. The Inthakhin Festival celebrated worship and process long rituals. It is advisable to carry sunscreen, glasses, and other necessities in this season to protect yourself from the heat.

3)Monsoon (June to October)

The temperature falls from 22-degree Celsius to the highest 33-degree Celsius in this season. It is considered the low season. Since the amount of rainfall received in the city is high. Making it bothering for tourists to roam around freely; however, this season is perfect if you are planning for a low-cost trip. The traveling and accommodation charges are shallow in these months due to rain and humid atmosphere.

The activities you can enjoy while visiting Chiang Mai are Rocket Festival held in July with different content organized to celebrate the rainy weather and visit Elephant sanctuary around July to October. It is advisable to bring your raincoats, boots for unexpected rainy weather.