Poipet is Cambodia’s main border connected with the Thailand border at Aranyaprathet, a travel route to reach from Siem reap to Bangkok. Although this Thailand- Bangkok connected route seems easy to travel, one should avoid using the way due to numerous Poi Pet Border scam that occurs on its way.

While tourist travels from the bus and uses poi pet border way to enter Thailand, they come across various visa scams and problems such as

Visa Assistance at Poi Pet Border scam

 A widespread scam faced by many travelers while traveling by a bus company. The tuk-tuk drivers or bus company will assure you the fastest way to get through by taking you to Cambodian Consulate, where the visa price is more around 50USD than at the borders, i.e., 30USD. No need to fall for such a scam. There is no need to get a visa in advance from anyone. Visa service is readily available on border gates.

There are even fake visa officials present at the poi pet border. However, the prominent officials are near the left-hand side at the Thai immigration office, border gates. Such traps are laid to get money advantages from the tourist.

A Cambodia visa should only be taken after getting stamped on a passport from the Thailand office.

Currency Exchange scam-

There are scammers near the borders, informing tourists about the high charges at the ATMs of Cambodia, which costs around $15, but that is not the correct information. The actual cost is around $4 per transaction. So, never fall into such traps.

Visa processing fee or exit fee Poi Pet Border scam

Many times, tourists are fooled by telling about the processing fee to get your visa. The officials as well trick people and ask for such bribes. However, there is no such fee levied. It becomes a tiring process to deal with such people but never agree with them. Reach the immigration office early, as late in the evening gives some corrupt officials a chance to scam tourists.

Fast stamping service-

After getting your visa, there’s a 20-30 minutes line for getting your passport stamp in Cambodia. However, scam people will trick you with fast service by asking for more price. This service is not an official one and hence try to avoid it.