10 Countries That Indian Passport Holders Can Visit Easily 

  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lank a is offering visa-on-Arrival for Indian Passport holders. The nation broadened the plan, where it is providing visa-on-Arrival till April 30. The progression was taken to resuscitate the travel industry of the country, which was severely hit by the Easter Sunday bombings. India is probably the greatest supporter of the travel industry showcase in Sri Lanka, with over 18% of all visitor appearances from the nation


  1. Schengen Priority Visas

Indian Passport holders can quickly get the fast and mainstream Schengen Priority Visas. The UK likewise offers Priority Visas to the Indian identification holders. The visa procedure takes not exactly seven days at an additional expense of Rs 20,000.The Schengen states are the 26 countries in Europe. These incorporate Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia, Portugal, Estonia, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Hungary, Malta, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Greece, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, and Belgium.


  1. Saudi Arabia

Ladies aged 25 and more will before long have the option to visit Saudi Arabia without being required to have a chaperone/Companion, as indicated by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.While a relative should, in any case, join ladies under 25, ladies of the imperative age will have the option to apply for a solitary voyager visitor visa.This is the first run through Saudi Arabia has loosened up visa controls on this front. The new visa rules come after Crown Prince Mohammad receptacle Salman guaranteed a “moderate, open Islam” in the nation.

  1. Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro (Brazilian President) has said the South American nation would drop its requirement that visiting Chinese and Indian tourists or businesspeople obtain the visa. Bolsonaro came to power at the beginning of the year and has made it a policy to reduce visa requirements from several developed countries, including INDIA.

  1. France

Indian nationals will never again need to experience the procedures and prerequisites for getting an Airport Transit Visa (ATV) for France since they are never yet required to be in control of such a visa to travel French air terminals.Since the 23rd of July and on, each Indian identification holder is allowed to experience the global zone of any air terminal in France without the need to show an Airport Transit Visa.

  1. Oman

If you are making a trip to Oman, you would now be able to get a month-long traveler visa on arrival in the nation for a measure of 20 Omani Riyal (Rs 3,700). In any case, this standard holds just if you own a passage visa to the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, or Schengen states. Your life partner and kids going with you can likewise get a visa on Arrival.

  1. Japan

Japan is one of those Asian nations whose visa rules for Indian identification holders used to be at standard with presumably the US or European countries. Be that as it may, Japan has now moderately facilitated travel to the nation for holders of Indian identification. On the off chance that you are applying for a transient remain in Japan or a numerous passage visa, you don’t have to show a work declaration or clarification letter expressing the purpose behind your visit. You need your visa application structure alongside a legitimate and ongoing photo and verification of your money related steadiness on the off chance that you are going for the travel industry purposes. On the off chance that your excursion to Japan is business-related, you need records to demonstrate your connection to the undertaking.

  1. Israel

Israel has now chopped down its visa charge for Indian identification holders from Rs 1,700 to Rs 1,100. You have to apply for a visa in the B2 visa (business, the travel industry, or meeting or gathering) class to profit the new cost.

  1. Myanmar

Myanmar will now be an easy thing if you are planning to go into the country. You will only need to display your e-visa at the check post. The e-visa can be obtained within two days.

  1. UAE

UAE has announced new visa rules to promote tourism in the Emirates. Between July 15 and September 15 every year, UAE is offering visa-free travel to accompanied dependents below 18 years. This means if you are traveling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a family holiday and have kids below 18 years, your kids can go visa-free.