How to get Vietnam Visa on arrival?

How to get Vietnam Visa on arrival for tourist purpose?

Vietnam visa on arrival is a very easy process. you need to just a few steps, I’ll explain one by one. First, you need to get on your hand Pre-approval letter for Vietnam visa on arrival, it is necessary that you should have a Pre-approval letter before going to Vietnam for Indian people
In the internet world, there are several websites, which providing pre-approval letters at a different cost. That cost is called Vietnam Visa Service Fee is the fee that the applicant has to pay to the website in order to process the visa approval letter for an applicant to get a Vietnam visa stamp at the airports in Vietnam. We are budget traveler here is a link i.e. WEBSITE where you can get a visa approval letter only $6 other website maybe charge more. 

Single entry Vietnam Visa will be valid into Vietnam for up to a maximum of 30 days for tourism purpose only.  
Total fees = 6$ (Pre-approval ) + 25$ ( visa fees on arrival ) =  31$ USD


Multiple entries Vietnam Visa will be valid into Vietnam for up to a maximum of 30 days for tourism purpose only.
Total fee = 6$ (Pre-approval ) + 50$ ( visa fees on arrival ) =  56$ USD


What is the process to get Pre-Approval Letter?

  1. You first go to website
  2. Fill out the online application form which is very easy. 
  3. You need correct information such as Full Name – Same as in Passport, Date of birth, passport number, date of arrival, type of Visa. 
  4. You can make payment with your Credit/Debit Card. 
  5. Then Visa approval letter will come into your email address within 2 working days along with a letter you have entry and exit form. You need to take printout these forms.

What are the documents that may be checked upon your arrival in Vietnam?

  1. You need a visa approval letter along with fill out entry and exit form.
  2. You need two passport-sized photos 4×6 cm and the amount of USD for stamping fee. Single entry visa stamp cost is $25 and multiple entry visa cost is $50. 
  3. Boarding Pass.
  4. Confirmed tickets coming and leaving Vietnam. 
  5. Sufficient expense (Cash/Credit Cards/ATM Cards)
  6. Proof of accommodation.