Agra, the city of Taj, has rich culture and heritage with beautiful monuments and architectures. It’s a town ruled by Mughal kings for an extended period. The city is known for Taj Mahal and its exceptional food flavors and amalgamation of northern India and Mughlai cuisines. One should not miss hovering and exploring the street food of the taj city. When street food in Agra is concerned, Chaat Gali also called Khao Galli in Sadar Bazar is the best in town. That presents mouth-watering dishes to the visitors. The variety for each food product is available in the lane. Starting from Gol Gappas to Italian cuisine deserts it,s an all-in-one place to satisfy hunger treat.

1) Pani Puri :

Pani puri, also called puchkas, is everybody’s favorite snack. Many gol gappa stalls are available in the lane. For example, 6 flavor pain puri stall has the best taste. Also, serves six different pani puri flavors like pudina, hing, garlic, regular, meetha, lemon. One plate containing six gol gappe costs you Rs.20, which is worth the money.

2) Chaat Corner:

Pani puri, pav bhaji, basket chaat, Moong dal Chila, Bhalla, aloo chaat is a perfect cheat meal. Made using potatoes which are then shallowly fried. These dishes are widely available to fill an appetite on stalls. For example Agra chaat house, Panditji chaat bhandar is famous for authentic, delicious food. These dishes at these stalls cost Rs. 20 to Rs. 60 each.

3) Masterchef :

The famous known Sardar Ji in chaat Gali owns the stall named Masterchef; called  Masterchef because the owner went in the famous Masterchef competition airs on Star plus. They serve not only the best Italian dishes like pasta, garlic bread, pizza. But also delicious food like soya chaap, momos—the plate costs around Rs.150 each.

4) Kailaji Bhelpuri:

Bhelpuri and sevpuri are two dishes served by kailaji bhelpuri corner. It helps the bhelpuri in Bombay style and makes you experience Bombay’s authentic taste in Agra. Also one of the best street food in agra. The presentation of bhelpuri done by the chef is the best one in the business. The dish costs around Rs.50 each.

5) Kulfi corner:

Dessert completes a meal, and chaat Gali provides the best faluda and kulfi made from dairy products. One can enjoy these desserts on stalls like Kishan Kulfi corner and Faluda corner. Especially, Kesar pista kulfi flavor is the most famous at the place. That kulfi costs you around Rs.70 each.

6) Baskin Robbin:

Ice creams are everyone from children to adults; Baskin robbin is an ice cream stall that provides you with different kinds of ice cream flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is available at Rs.200 for two people(approx).

7) House of Candy:

House of Candy is a newly opened shop near chaat Gali. It is a one-stop destination to satisfy all chocolate needs.  That ranges from a wide variety of candy and chocolates is a heavenly place for all candy lovers in Agra. The cost ranges around Rs. 160/ 100 gm.

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