Ipoh is a beautiful capital city of Perak in Malaysia. It is the third-largest city with undefined charm and heritage. Surrounds Ipoh by unrealistic charming buildings, artistic structures, monuments, etc. However, all of these places are still undiscovered by the tourist due to many reasons. There are numerous architectural buildings in Ipoh that are worth visiting. Listed below are a few must-visit places in Ipoh to unravel your experience:

Ling sen tong temple:

Open From- 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

No entry fee


It is near the southern edge of Ipoh near Nam Thean Tong and Sam Poh Tong. The temple is at the bottom of a limestone hill. Eventually, the beautiful place has vibrant color statues and brightly painted pagodas. Also, the two-story building is a sacred Buddhist temple with many alters. The spot also has a scenic view garden and pond at the center. Overall, the holy temple not only brings pleasure to adults but also provides fun to the children. As there is a small park with colorful statues providing a theme park feel to the small kids. 



One can reach the temple by taxi, bus, or car.

Kek lok tong Buddhist temple:

Open from- 7am to 5:30pm

No entry fee


It is near 5 Km from south of Ipoh, within the area of Gunung Rapat. The temple is known as the Cave of Ultimate bliss. Spread along 12 acres of land, a worship place built in 1960. Now turned into a beautiful place with a spectacular garden. The area has a lot of Buddhist statues and paintings of deities around, with a lotus pond. Not only that, but you can also see some iron mining sites at the temple. It is a worth to visit spot due to its fantastic scenery view and environment.

Ho yan hor museum:

Open from- 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Tuesday-Sunday)


It is near Han Chin Pet Soo Museum in Negeri Perak, Ipoh. It is a two-story building with a beautiful architectural design. The museum is famous for exploring the tea brand. The popular tea brand is known as Ho Yan Hor, the oldest and trustworthy brand in Ipoh. The museum displays the origin of the tea brand since 1941. There is a large mural art painting as well inside the museum. Not only that, but it shows the secret ingredients of the tea inside the museum with a cart selling tea packets. Taste the fantastic tea while exploring the museum from inside out. 

Sam Poh Tong: 

Open from- 9:30 am to 04:00 pm

No Entry Fee


It is near Gunung (Mt.) Repeat on the southern edge of Ipoh. The largest cave temple was depicting the Buddhist culture. It is said to be found by a Buddhist monk in 1912. The building of the temple is a four-story blue compartment block. The temple also has a beautiful garden around it with a pond nearby. Japanese pagodas and colorful lanterns add to the beauty of this temple. The main altar has Buddhist statues and paintings. Behind it is a pond of turtles with five different types of species. Enjoy feeding these turtles or reminisced in the peaceful environment at the temple.

You can reach up to the temple by bus or Private taxi readily available in the city.