1.Gardens By The Bay

Gardens by the Bay are a Singapore must-visit Location. Encased in two giant greenhouses, you’ll find some of the most unusual and exotic plants imaginable. Most people may not consider flora and fauna all that exciting, but these gardens are something else, featuring sculptures nestled between the trees, waterfalls, and twinkly lights come nightfall. Even more magical are the giant trees outside. Go at night time when these sculptures are lit up and make sure you time your visit to catch one of the hourly light shows set to music.

2.Universal Studios

Universal Studios is located in the ever thrilling destination in Singapore, Sentosa Island. This is undoubted one of the best places to visit for the family. Universal Studios is the place to visit for fun day out. Completely loaded with entertainment, excitement, and enthusiasm, here you can find numerous restaurants, cafes, and shopping areas to gallop the delicious food. You can also visit the ‘Walk of Fame’ and create a striking pose with Hollywood personalities. Universal Studios have many other sights, and things to do that will keep you charged all day, such as Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt zone, Lost World of Dinosaurs, and many more fun features.

3.Marina Bay Sands Light Show

You will love to see how the water reflected the colorful lights from the roofs of the Marina Bay Sands shopping center in the foreground.  The dancing lights were accompanied by music that could be heard around the whole bay area.   I think it is worth watching if you are around the Marina Bay area.

A new year’s eve, there is Lighting and music show, and the whole area is full of crowed, cheering, and enjoying the lighting and picturesque view of Singapore.

4. Sentosa Island

One fantastic destination where you get it all from fun, food to entertainment is Sentosa Island. The place itself is a significant tourist attraction in Singapore. Amidst the towering structures, if a getaway is what you are looking for to rejuvenate on the beach, then Siloso Beach is a good hotspot for getting some beach time. Sentosa Island, by far, is jam-packed with various activities and several other beach attractions as well. Some must-do beach activities in Siloso is volleyball that can be played on free courts as well as kayaking and skim-boarding. Another unique experience this Island offers is Underwater World Aquarium, where you can swim with dolphins.

5. ARAB Street & Little INDIA 

The Arab Street and Little India are popular tourist places, and they create a unique experience of its own. Wander the streets admiring the saris, temple offerings, and unusual vegetables. It’s a commercial rather than a residential area but is a vibrant spot in which to get briefly lost. You will feel unlatched from the modern city to a paradise-like a place fitted with small shops, cozy cafes and historical Mosques, Temples. The Arab Street, to be specific, has age-old structures, shopping stalls, and authentic Arabian cuisine. The feel it offers is heavenly.

Little India is an Indian community in Singapore during the colonial times. Just like the Arabian Streets that have many stalls and Mosques, Little India as well as many exquisite shopping options, eateries were offering Indian cuisine, and temples like Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, which is the most famous Hindu temple to see here.