Pattaya is just 150 km away from Bangkok. The city is renowned for its nightlife, clubs, numerous beaches, and sightseeing places. It is also a tropical region with primarily hot and humid weather. But is open for tourists all around the year. It can consider that the ideal time to visit the city is in winter, starting from November to February. As it’s the most fabulous month. However, one can also enjoy other activities cheaply in months like a march to October.

1.Winter(November to February)

The temperature varies from 25-degree Celsius to 31 degrees and is the most fantastic season of the city, making it the peak season. The weather in the December months is neither too hot nor too cold for strolling at Pattaya beaches, Christmas celebrations, and new Year in December.

The city is all covered with beautiful decoration and vibrant colors. The hotel rates are pretty high in this season due to the overcrowded, hence booking your accommodation in advance is advisable.

2.Summer (March to May)

In the hottest season with a dry and humid atmosphere, the temperature rises from 26-degree Celcius to 32-degree Celsius. These months experience scorching heat and due to which the crowd is low in this season with fewer accommodation charges.

One can enjoy shopping in the markets, sports activist to beat the heat, visit Sriracha tiger zoo, celebrate the Songkran Water Festival, which gets celebrated for almost a week, and Frost Magical Ice of Siam. This season is a high season to plan budget-friendly trips since traveling and hotel rates are less. It is always advisable to carry sunscreen, glasses, and other necessities to protect you from heat.

3.Monsoon(June to October)

Pattaya is known to experience floods in these months due to the high rainfall amount. The temperature varies from 24-degree Celcius to 31 degrees. It is considered a low season due to heavy rainfall. But has the lowest accommodation price and best for a cheap, inexpensive trip to Pattaya.

Although it’s a down season, one can enjoy indoor activities like visiting spa centers and massage parlors. Another sightseeing present around the city. While enjoying the nightlife of Pattaya at clubs and bars. It is advisable to carry a raincoat, boots and an extra pair of clothes.