Singapore is a famous tourist spot, and it is near the equator, due to which the climate of Singapore doesn’t vary a lot. The country’s average temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celcius, which remains hot and humid constant throughout the year. Although you can visit it any time, dry seasons are preferred to travel to Singapore’s beautiful places. It is the right time to visit Singapore.

1. (July-September)

The temperature varies from 25 degrees Celcius to 32 degrees Celcius, with a pleasant climate during days. It is locally called the southwest monsoon season, which experiences more minor rain showers and thunderstorms than other seasons. June and July are peak months as well. 


These months are pretty attractive to visit Singapore. Many festivals and food activities happen during this time of the year. Due to being a peak season, accommodation and travel charges are high in these months, consider booking before traveling. It is the best time to visit Singapore.

The activities to enjoy at the best time are:

The Great Singapore Sale, Singapore Food Festival is unique festivals to attend that last for a month approx, held in June-July,

Hungry Ghost Festival is a fun horror festival, whereas National Day respects the country; held in August.

Mid-Autumn Festival and Grand Prix Singapore held in September.

2. (Feb-April)

The temperature in these months varies from 25 degrees Celcius to 30 degrees Celcius. It is locally known as Inter monsoon season. These are months between the wettest season and the summer season. It experiences scorching heat in the daytime, with thunderstorms occurs frequently. March- April is also considered as a high month with no national holiday and less rainfall. It is a dry month best for traveling. The crowd is relatively more minor during these months and best for a budget-friendly trip. 


The activities to enjoy in these months are :

Chinese New Year, Singapore River Hong Bao, a part of the Chinese new year celebration held in February,

 Singapore International Jazz FestivalSingapore Design Week, and St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival are all enthusiastic celebrations held in March. 

World Gourmet Summit and Qingming Festival held in April.

3. (November-January)

It is locally known as the Northeast monsoon season. It experiences intense thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls during these months. The weather is not hot but humid in this season. Some famous festivals also celebrated in this season which makes it popular among the tourist.


The activities to enjoy are:

sightseeingRiver Busker’s Festival, International Film Festival, and Writer’s Festival held in November, whereas Zoukout weekend-long mega club in December and Thaipusam, a Hindu festival in January. 

The accommodation charges are relatively low in this season. Hence can plan a quiet cost trip. Consider keeping an umbrella and raincoat due to the unpredicted weather conditions.


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